Campaign to Promote a Safe Prom Night

Campaign to promote a safe prom night

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Officials pointed to statistics from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse to stress why the campaign is needed: A third of all alcohol-related traffic accidents involving teens happen from April to June. Indianapolis Police Chief Rick …
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CSM hosts program on prescription drug abuse

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Ivers said that once an individual's body is addicted to a drug, it physically needs the drug or the individual will experience withdrawal symptoms. A sample of prescription drug crime evidence … However, she continued to remain hands-off and only …
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One shot Friday in apparent robbery attempt

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“Pill mills are opened for the sole purpose of profiting from the unlawful dispensation of powerful, addictive and often dangerous drugs,” said U.S. District Attorney Edward Tarver. “These drugs are abused by either the patients visiting the clinics or …
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