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Good Inpatient Rehab Centers??

Question by dalmatianguy2002: Good inpatient rehab centers??
I have a friend who has agreed to enter rehab for a long battle with alcohol, the only problem is deciding what kind of program to go to. He has tried AA several times and an outpatient facility here in MO with little success. He does not want to go to a AA or 12 step based program. I have found many such as Passages in Malibu, CA, and others as well that offer what’s called a “holistic” approach. Does anyone have any advice and know if these sort of places can work??

My Father Has Always Been Addicted to Methamphetamines. What Can I Possibly Do? I Live in Vinemont, Alabama.

Question by Jacques K: My father has always been addicted to methamphetamines. What can I possibly do? I live in Vinemont, Alabama.

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Answer by Mason G
You can find drug rehab centers in your area. See the directory centered on your city and state. Look into free advice on how to intervene. Best wishes to you.

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Drug Rehabs in Tennessee – Trusted Drug Rehabs in Tennessee – Call: (888) 652 6549 Finding reliable drug rehabs in tennessee is not an easy task, this is why I made this video. Drug re…

*URGENT* LONG TERM Drug Rehabs in or Around Texas?!? NO INSURANCE?

Question by Milan1513: *URGENT* LONG TERM Drug rehabs in or around Texas?!? NO INSURANCE?
Is anyone aware of any LONG TERM Drug rehabs in or around Texas. My friend is horribly addicted to meth and benzodiazepines. Due to her disease she post her good job, is homeless with no insurance. Are there any LONG TERM rehabs you are aware of that will admit people in these circumstances? Preferably not a State Facility. It is imperative that we admit her ASAP

I thank you so much if you have anywhere for me to call!!!!

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Healthcare Is Hot for CIOs!

Healthcare is Hot for CIOs!

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Eckes comes from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) where he was Chief Strategy Officer for the national hospital network with facilities in Illinois, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington, Arizona and Georgia. He started at CTCA as its CIO in …
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Genesis Healthcare Names Jason H. Feuerman Senior Vice President For

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First Offense Aggravated Assaut Charge in Pa?

Question by Cappychic: First offense aggravated assaut charge in pa?
My boyfriend attacked someone out of self defense he bit off part of someones ear,this is his first offense,he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol,he thought the other guy was going to attack him,how long will he go to jail what can he due to get the sentence reduced??? From what I see he could go to jail for 5 or more years!!!
unfirtunatly he was using meth,he had not been sleeping or eating right,when I asked him what was wrong he told me he was depressed,I never did meth and know nothing about it,he is very thin and not a fighter,the guy he attacked was twice his size and came at him with his fist in the air,my bf and the guy were struggling then he bit the other guys ear,the victim got surgery my bf has already spent 2 weeks in jail,he is off the drugs and alcohol and regrets what he had done,it is his first offense and totally out of character for him,he got mixed uo with a bad crowd at his work……Im not at all happy about what he did but for the 7 years I was with him he was a good man and never hurt anyone…..I feel he should be punished and pay the medical bills and he needs NA and AA,I know what he did is horrific but any help would be appreciated

I’m Gonna Kill Myself?

Question by : i’m gonna kill myself?
I’ll do that, you can’t stop me.
I feel like shit right now, i don’t deserve to live on this planet anymore.
I do drugs and i get drunk every day to forget all these problems.
I need help, now. But if i called someone they would take me to jail because of the drugs they would find at my home. don’t wanna spend all my days locked there.
what if i move home? Now i live in oklahoma, dont have the money to move.
please help me

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