How Can I Quit Doing Drugs Without Going to Rehab & Getting Sicker?

Question by Main Squeeze: How can i quit doing drugs without going to rehab & getting sicker?
Does anybody know how to stop withdraws? I have been addicted to Xanx & Roxycodone for the past four (4) Years, I use to crush up atleast 10 zanx a day im down to one a day. I use to crush 6 roxys m30’s a day im down to a half a day i break into 2 quarters! I cant check myself into rehab because i dont have money for that. Im turning my life around for the better,Drugs took the best of me & im only 21! I never want to do drugs again! how can i stop,iv already had the mentality to tell myself i dont need them,but my body is begging for them. I am so sick, Throwing up,Chills,Passing out ETC

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Answer by adrenal
You just gotta tough it out if you don’t want to go to rehab. Good luck staying off the drugs and moving on with your life.

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