Can a Person Plead Drug Dependent in the State of Ohio, and Get the Chance to Do Rehab?

Question by kiki: Can a person plead drug dependent in the state of ohio, and get the chance to do rehab?
A friend of mine is in jail now for fleeing and eluding, plus has charges filed against him for forgery. It’s their first time in trouble. They do have a drug problem. Will pleading drug dependant give this person the opportunity to seek drug treatment help and avoid prison or serving time. My friend is not an minor. Thanks, kiki

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Answer by Blackie Bassett
dug himself a pretty deep hole hun.. he might be able to do that if he can prove to the court that hard time isn’t the answer. Is this a first? second?.. if its a first.. then he might be able to plead it down.. try talking to the prosecutor.

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