Can an Employer Fire You for a Past Conviction?

Question by ?grundle goat?: Can an Employer Fire you for a Past Conviction?
scenario: In Tennessee you are on parole. you are a recovering addict – 6 years clean and sober. you apply to work at a drug and alcohol treatment center. you are honest about a felony drug conviction 6 years ago and state that is the reason you are on parole, but that you have completed drug treatment and have been clean 6 years. they Hire you. you go through orientation and have worked for two weeks. they tell you your background check has come back and they must let you go (fire your a**) is this not discrimination? the application asked if you had been convicted of a felony in the past 7 years and you told them about the drug charge. you also told them that there may or may not be other charges that would show up depending on how far back the check went. now all of a sudden they have a problem with you because of a theft charge from 9 years ago. even though you were completely honest! is there anything that can be done? does this scenario qualify as discrimination?

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Answer by Just me……..
Yes, They can………
No, its not discrimination…..

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