Can Anyone Tell Me How to Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Prescott, Arkansas?

Question by amy te: Can anyone tell me how to find addiction treatment centers in Prescott, Arkansas?
My mother really needs to get herself treated for her alcohol addiction. Ever since my brother died, she’s never been back to her old self. I want so much to help her. Maybe if I find an addiction treatment center and do an alcohol intervention, maybe she’ll consent to treatment. I just don’t know where to start. Please help.

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Answer by alaysia v
I’ve already included a list of treatment centers and rehabs that you could check out. You can call them and ask for their help for the intervention. Have you talked to your mom about her alcohol consumption? She probably has no idea how much this is affecting you. I’m sorry about your brother too, it must be hard.

You can also call a helpline, 800-559-9503 if you want to talk about this. You can also ask their assistance for finding the right addiction treatment center. Good luck! I sincerely hope your mother recovers soon.

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