Can My Husband Still Recover From His Drug Addiction?

Question by allie: Can my husband still recover from his drug addiction?
I’m starting to lose hope. My husband is addicted to pot. After months of negotiation, he finally agreed to enter a drug rehab and recieve treatment. The thing is, I don’t think any program works for him. He just finished his second treatment program and I don’t think it made any changes. He still smokes pot. Do I have to ask him to enter another drug rehab? Do I have to finally give up on him?

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Answer by Katherine W
I think there’s a group for the spouses of addicts, called Narc-Anon. You should look into it. I think that, ultimately, it would be healthier to leave him, as he’s not going to change as long as you’re there. Your leaving will either give him the impetus to change, or at least you get away from him and his addiction. Some things can’t be fixed unless the person chooses to, and your husband is choosing dope over you.

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