Can Past Hard Drug Abuse Damage the Ova (Egg Cells) in a Woman and Cause Mental Retardation or Birth Defects?

Question by pizza_party9: Can past hard drug abuse damage the ova (egg cells) in a woman and cause mental retardation or birth defects?
Can the already developed ova that are in a woman’s body from birth be damaged from years of hard drug use, specifically opiate, marijuana and cocaine abuse? I am curious to know if the child of a former heroin addict is at risk of being born with any birth defects both physical and mental. The mother has been free from drugs for six years. I want to know if ova can be altered while dormant in the ovaries and lead to problems years later if the egg is fertilized. Thank you.

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Answer by Eman
If she’s free from drugs the baby should be fine….

The real danger is drug use within the pregnancy.

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