Can Somebody Here Tell Me How to Find Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Gilroy, California?

Question by ayla dch: Can somebody here tell me how to find substance abuse treatment centers in Gilroy, California?
I need to find treatment centers because I want to inquire regarding the requirements of being an addiction counselor. I have a couple of relatives who have died because of drug use and I just want to help people like them so that the relatives of other drug dependents out there won’t have to suffer for the loss of their loved ones, just as I have.

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Answer by darby p
Wow. This is a really great aspiration! I’m glad that you took an adversity and turned it into something that you can build a dream around. It’s really good that you didn’t let the loss of your relatives daunt you into becoming bitter or doing drugs yourself.

You can take up a few programs and earn a certificate that will make you eligible for becoming an addiction counselor. The second link below will give you a list of the substance abuse treatment centers in the area you have specified. I hope you succeed!

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