Can You Give Me a Simple and Understandable Definition of a Social Worker?

Question by Brandon F: Can you give me a simple and understandable definition of a social worker?

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Answer by brian nunya
A prostitute

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Psychologist Cameron Brown from The Cabin rehabilitation centre in Thailand has worked closely with miners, treating many miners for drug and alcohol abuse and other mental health issues. Discussing substance abuse he told Australian Mining that … A …
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Then came the dramatic break-up, punching one of her backing dancers in the face, and the obligatory stay in rehab all by the age of 18. Happily Demi addressed her demons, and like … Despite a much publicised break-up with pop-moppet turned monkey …
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Lindsay Lohan – An Addiction to Drama

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According to the latest reports she has apparently made a plea to the courts that she is allowed to continue use of the prescription drug Adderall during her stint in rehab. Apparently this is for her ADHD but Adderall is well known to be abused as a …
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