Do Any of You Remember a Classic Rock Band by the Name of Aerosmith ?

Question by peter: do any of you remember a classic rock band by the name of aerosmith ?
they were a band back in the 70’s and 80’s..if you don’t remember..that’s might be to young.

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Answer by Shwax
are you kidding?

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Maldonado Leaving District Courthouse

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It will be far more than just a job Judge Diana Maldonado will give up when she leaves Chelsea District Court this week for a new appointment at the state Appeals Court in Boston's John Adams Courthouse. Maldonado started her career as an associate …
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Youth flip over needles left by addicts in skate park

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A skateboarder, whose step-brother reported finding needles left by drug addicts in a Spalding park, ended up in hospital – after an accident on a ramp. Christopher Wilson called the police when his friends spotted the needles and spoons on the ground …
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Chief: Rutland, Vt., drug use 'mind boggling'

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RUTLAND, Vt. (AP) — The rise of drug addiction in the city of Rutland is ''mind boggling'' and has led to chaos in some of the neighborhoods, Police Chief James Baker said at a news conference Monday, hosted by the federal prosecutor in Vermont.


My moment with Margaret Thatcher

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