Do You Think That Anorexia and Addiction Is a Choice or Disease?

Question by Taziketoro: Do you think that anorexia and addiction is a choice or disease?
I would really like people’s opinion on these two issues. The more answers the better so please take a couple of seconds to respond.

1. Do you think that anorexia is a choice or do you think it’s a disease? Why?

2. Do you think that drug addiction is a choice or a disease? Why?

Thanks so much for your help.

Best answer:

Answer by Matt
neither are choices but both are weakness.
all these people want to do is make more of them, they all have so many children
every anorexic, every addict, has it within themselves to stop; they have self-control
yet they are too weak to even control themselves or their thoughts or their own bodies
then they decide to make babies

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