Does Drinking Coffee Replace or Lessen the Addiction of Drinking Alcohol in Alcoholics?

Question by andy a: Does drinking coffee replace or lessen the addiction of drinking alcohol in alcoholics?
Does drinking coffee help reduce the addiction or daily cravings of alcohol. Can one develops an addiction to coffee? (from the caffeine)
Will the coffee addiction ever have a chance of switching over from alcohol to coffee?

This is for a research paper on an experimental analysis of behavior treatment.

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Answer by derrickisonline
Addiction works differently for different people. Some can smoke a cig a few times and never do it again. Some can smoke crack and never do it again (though more unlikely).

I don’t believe coffee can increase or decrease someone’s addiction to alcohol. The addiction lies within the individual. They control the ability to cease an addiction to alcohol coffee isn’t going to magically stop them. It’s all about that person’s mindset, will power, and ability to control cravings/urges.

I also don’t believe people are addicted to coffee. Evident by the fact that you don’t see people pawning their TVs for another hit of java (unless of course it’s for Starbucks). 🙂

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