Does the Media Really Have That Big of an Impact?

Question by dreamer(:: Does the media really have that big of an impact?
Everyone says that the media is making it hard for teenage girls in particular to be confident. It’s allegedly causing eating disorders, drug addictions, etc.. I am fifteen years old and my friends and I have never been dragged into anything like that due to media influence. I don’t know anybody that has.

I know it does put a little more pressure on us, but I don’t really think it drives people to extreme measures the press keeps saying it does.

What are your opinions?

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Answer by orly owl
No, it depends entirely on how confident and aware of your self image you are.

Lots of people want to fit in, they look to the media which tells them the current trends and how to look “normal”

If you can look beyond all the advertisment and sponserships, and see that it’s just a money making scheme, than you will start setting your own standards that are fit for you. Lots of teenagers are like that, they know that it’s just a sham that makes large corporations lots of money. They live “naturally” and do what is healthy.

Of course, the media only wants to make money, so they make interesting news stories about all those sheep teenagers who have starved themselves to look “normal and pretty”

The media tells people what to think. It’s not just teenagers either. Look at the “enemies” of the western nations. It used to be russia, now I see a shift to China. Every small thing that happens in China, the media reports and makes seem like a big deal. Rememberr the subway flooding? For a country with such a vast population, these events are expected to happen. And it happens in every nation, but the media wants to pick on China. They dont mention how China had many aid workers for every single disaster to have happened.

V for Vendetta is a portrayal of what media can do. I enjoyed that movie a lot and I reccomend it to you.

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