Does the Mother’s Size Affect the Size of the Baby?

Question by maegs33: Does the mother’s size affect the size of the baby?
I’ve always heard that the mother’s size dictates the size of the baby at birth, however I’m having problem finding studies that back this factoid up.

Is anyone aware of some studies that tell us how the size of a baby is determined?

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Answer by got2bhap_p
I couldn’t point you to any studies…I am sure it can happen that way though. BUT I can also name several people who it did not happen that way for, including myself. I started out overweight, and I was a big baby myself at 9 lbs some odd oz. My husband was 11 lbs some odd oz when he was born. I gained a ton of weight (couldn’t stop it from coming on, no matter what) and expected to have a large baby. My first daughter was born the day after her due date at 6 lbs 4 oz…so not only was she not big – but she was downright small.

This time I am on track to be having a bigger baby according to an ultrasound estimate at 31 weeks though – we shall see….

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