Drug Addiction and Overdose Statistics in the 1960’s?

Question by Darkhorse: Drug addiction and overdose statistics in the 1960’s?
I am wondering where I could find stats related to drug addiction in the late 1960’s and into the 70’s. I am writing a paper on the “hippie counter culture,” and cant find any trustworthy sources.

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Answer by canada_winnipeg_woman
Since 1969, the first year Gallup asked about illegal drug use, Americans have grown increasingly more concerned about the effects of drugs on young people. For instance, in 1969, 48% of Americans told Gallup that drug use was a serious problem in their community. In 1986, a majority of Americans, 56%, said that the government spent “too little” money fighting drugs. By 1995, 31% said drug use was a “crisis” and an additional 63% said it was “a serious problem” for the nation as a whole.TAKE CARE ALWAYS………

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Drug Abuse in Teens is SERIOUS – Yess i will stand up for what I believe in and drug abuse is a growing trauma among young society. I hope this inspires many hearts =)


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