Drug Addition Is Tearing My Family Apart?

Question by keylolo: drug addition is tearing my family apart?
if you have a love one that is struggling with drug addtion due to something happening in their immediate family how do you help them do you throw them to the streets. i am a religious person i been praying for them and i believe they are being answered cause this person should have been dead and gone with some of the situations they have been in. do anyone know any non-profit addition centers?

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Answer by Munchkin’sMa-ma!
I dont know but i will star this for you bc I’d like to know too. I can relate.

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Support Groups August 23, 2103

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<b>ACTS </b>– Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series – is a curriculum-based self-help, recovery and educational program for anyone wanting to recover from alcohol or drugs, and their families. ACTS meets from 6 to 7 p.m. every Tuesday at Cedar Grove …
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Faith Calendar

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Benecke has a religion degree from Oberlin College, is a professional musician and drug and alcohol treatment counselor. More info: 425-258-2244. Unity Lynnwood: Two guest speakers, Karen Taylor-Good and Stowe Dailey Shockey, present a program of …
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Law enforcement center provides essential training

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There are schools and programs that are doing very well indeed —find them, replicate them. The Sentinel needs to report … If it is a legitimate organization like the Salvation Army, then at the end of the year make a charitable contribution to it …
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Exploring the Amsterdam Underground: the voice of (ex)drug addicts

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“It is still not easy time for former drug addicts, but activation programs like Underground tour has helped them, and you can really see them blossoming,” Rainbow Group Foundation's PR and communication spokeswoman Jasperine Schupp says. The starting …
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