Funny Persuasive Speech Topics for College?

Question by Bagelz: Funny persuasive speech topics for college?
I have to give a persuasive speech, and I want to do something funny and out there without being controversial or crude. I have looked at various websites & am not just finding the right thing.
I have been thinking along the lines of “Why you should tell her if her butt looks fat in those jeans” and “why you should believe its not butter” or something like that.
Suggestions would be appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by ??
•why (and how) the school dress code should be changed
•why « Survivor » is so great
•why a thumb is a finger
•why all people should wash their hands
•why boxing shouldn’t be allowed
•why breakfast is the most important meal of the day
•why Canada is better than the USA
•why Canada still needs to keep building up its military
•why chocolate is good for you
•why dating should be done in a group atmosphere
•why Daylight Savings Time is good for us
•why do abused wives remarry abusive husbands multiple times?
•why cats are better pets than dogs
•why emissions regulations are a good thing
•why exercise is important
•why friendship is important
•why government should fund the performing arts
•why guns should be illegal in a household
•why hockey is not a real sport anymore
•why hotdogs are gross and you shouldn’t eat them
•why housecleaning is important for the body and mind
•why it shouldn’t be illegal for people to smoke pot in the privacy of their own homes
•why it’s sometimes good to have silence
•why juveniles who commit felonies should be treated as adults
•why ketchup is better than mustard
•why kids should do volunteer work
•why milk is good for you
•why milk is bad for you
•why motorcycles are better than horses
•why my pet is better than most pets
•why my mother shouldn’t wear spandex
•why Napster should be illegal
•why Napster should be legal
•why parents should talk to their kids
•why people should have pets
•why people should take care of their animals
•why people shouldn’t join gangs
•why Pepsi is better than Coke
•why pitchers shouldn’t hit
•why prescription drug costs should be so high
•why Sesame Street is great
•why skiing is better than snowboarding
•why sleep should be important to you
•why smoking should be banned in public places
•why so-and-so should go out with me
•why sports drinks are better than water while playing sports
•why students should have night school
•why the lottery should be outlawed
•why the only way to win at casinos is to stay far away from them
•why there are so many lawsuits today
•why there shouldn’t be movie sequels
•why buy a membership to a fitness club
•why like school
•why tobacco should be considered illegal
•why war is bad
•why we should be proud to pay taxes
•why we should build a local aquatics center
•why we should jog more
•why we should not contribute to global warming
•why we should ride bikes to work and/or school
•why year-round schooling (longer weekends and more vacations, without a lengthy break) would be better than September-to-June
•why you should always wear clean underwear
•why you should attend extracurricular school events
•why you should avoid get-rich-quick schemes
•why you should buy an Eiffel Tower paper weight
•why you should clip your toenails
•why you should dislike the Dixie Chicks
•why you should drink orange juice
•why you should finish college while you are young
•why you should forgive
•why you should get massages regularly
•why you should give money to the homeless on the street
•why you should go to college
•why you should have a website
•why you should help clean up your county roads
•why you should invest $ 100 in the stock market right now
•why you should join a fraternity or sorority
•why you should like the Dixie Chicks
•why you should quit smoking right now
•why you should recycle
•why you should take a swimming course
•why you should take great care in choosing a job – that the money isn’t the only thing to consider
•why you should volunteer to be a “Big Brother/Big Sister”
•why you should vote
•why you should wait until you’re older before having a baby
•why you shouldn’t be a pack rat
•why you shouldn’t be afraid of giving a speech
•why you shouldn’t bite your nails
•why you shouldn’t drink alcohol
•why you shouldn’t let peer pressure influence your decisions
•why you shouldn’t listen to boy bands/girl bands
•why you shouldn’t procrastinate
•you should do your own homework and not cheat yourself by reading Coles Notes
•you should learn to play golf
•you should take life one day at a time because you don’t know how much time you have left

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