Have GOP Campaigns Always Followed the Pattern Identifiable in the Present One?

Question by Brutus: Have GOP campaigns always followed the pattern identifiable in the present one?
Alright, I am more interested in answers from older citizens who had participated or observed previous presidential campaigns (2000 and earlier). So what I am interested in is if we might be blowing out of perspective how “crazy” the rhetoric in this election cycle is. By observing other political systems, it seems natural to me that early in the election cycle a candidate wouldn’t be too fearful of pandering to the fringes, while he/she would inadvertently begin to gravitate towards the center closer to election date. In a nutshell – did we always have Bachmanns, Cains, and Santorums or are we really regressing today?

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Answer by David
We arent regressing. We are getting back to basics. Tackling the true issues that have devastated our nation as of late. Issues such as, DOMA, illegal immigration, increasing fuel prices, government waste, political correctness, terrorism, shuria law, judicial activism and government spending and many more have brought this nation down to its knees. True conservative Preidential runners are aware of these issues and the effect it has had on our nations economy and greatness. Yes, GREATNESS. We were unstoppable before and we can again if we tackle all these issues and get back to basics. Cain, Bachman and Santorum as well as Perry, ( Not Romney) he is a RINO) They all know this and will fight for our former glory.

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