Health Issue Caused From Past?

Question by FlyinSolo: Health issue caused from past?
A month prior to age 19, I found myself hooked on pain meds. I do NOT need a rant, I do not need to hear what I did wrong and how stupid I was.

I started anywhere from one loritab 10-500 every few hours and by the time I was admitted into rehab I was easily taking 48 10-500’s a day. I began mixing xanax, etc… Regardless, I HAVE BEEN SOBER NOW FOR OVER 1 YEAR.

Medical issues: Prior to the addiction and even during, I was capable of gaining weight. I couldn’t become “overweight” per say, however I had no problems clearing 160lbs. (I’m 5’7, male.) After finally putting down the pills and living my life, I have noticed that I can not retain weight OR water. It is not uncommon for me to drop 5-10lbs after missing a meal, or after sleeping over night. I also, regardless of amount of water I drink wake up and almost always pee dark amber orange. Liver tests were always fine, however it has been almost a year since I was checked. I do frequently experience pain on my right side where my kidney is likely located. I have a biological father I am not in contact with that is type 1 diabetic. I’m athletic, not crazy skinny, but I would like to have the ability of gaining weight. Please someone help? I am avoiding a doctor visit unless needed. I am now 24 and the addiction was everyday – I ingested pills for 4 years. My diet is great with the occasional soda.

I now average a weight of 150 and fluctuate from 145-155 on a daily basis.
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Answer by abijann
Loritabs contain acetaminophen, in the amount of 500 mg per tablet.
Only 1000 mg should be taken at any one time and not to exceed
4000 mg per day.

People who overdose on this medication, usually go to the ER.
They remove the content of the stomach and give them meds
to help the liver process the rest.

Taking acetaminophen with alcohol can cause serious liver
cell damage. When the liver cells become damaged, the
immune system of the body will respond to this and cause
inflammation to develop inside the liver. This will cause
the liver to enlarge in size and takes on a spongy texture.

Even though, in some patients, their liver enzymes levels seem
to stay normal…there is a chance that damage has still be
done. You should of been referred to a gastroenterologist.
He would perform an Ultrasound or Ct scan to look at
the liver. It would show if the liver has enlarged.

You definitely need more blood testing to be done. There
are other blood testing besides the liver enzymes…there is
the liver function blood tests and also the liver viral blood tests.
These tests would show if your Bilirubin is raised. Bilirubin
is a substance that is made from our dead red blood cells.
The liver converts this bilirubin into a soluble form to become
part of the bile which flows to the intestines to emulsify the
fats we eat. Bilirubin is also known as a pigment (a greenish,
brownish substance) that can color other things. When it is
higher in the blood, it will start to color the skin yellow and also
the whites of the eyes. It will cause the urine to become darker
in color (as you say…an orange to deep brown appearance) as
the kidneys filter it out of the blood.

The first true sign of a liver problem is this Bilirubin going higher.
It means the liver cells are damaged and the liver cells are not
being able to do the function of converting this bilirubin efficiently.

People who have liver disease, their muscles can start to waste
away. Though, they try to gain weight, they look quite thin. It
isn’t until the disease is well advanced that they gain alot of
fluid waste.

It is true that stopping the cause of liver disease may reversed the
problem. However, you would also need to be treated for the
inflammation. If the inflammation stays in the liver…it will cause
more liver cell damage and could lead to Cirrhosis of the liver.
This is death of the liver cells and scar tissue formation inside
the liver. The scar tissue keeps developing as more cells die
off….and it will eventually stop the flow of blood to the other
liver cells and also the flow of blood going back to the heart.

I truly believe you should see a specialist in the field. Just to
give you peace of mind. It is great that you are now sober…
you definitely are heading in the right direction. Those
who need a liver transplant, according to the Transplant
centers…have to be detoxed from alcohol for a period of
six months, under doctors care, to be referred to them
for placement on the liver transplant list.

People can accidentally overdose on acetaminophen, since
it is a common drug in combination medications.

A person may have no signs of liver disease, except maybe
tiredness or in some, flu like symptoms. They may or may
not feel a fullness in the upper right hand quadrant of the
abdomen. If the liver is definitely enlarged, this enlargement
can press on nerves to cause some pain. The kidney is
located behind the liver. Pain on either side of the spinal
column in the back, about where the rib cage ends…is
usually kidney pain. That could be a kidney infection or
kidney stone. Kidney stones are extremely painful if they
move into the ducts leading to the bladder. This could
cause blood in the urine (that can be seen either
microscopically or with the eye). If it is the kidney,
than a Urologist is the doctor you should see. Kidney
pain may start in the back and refer to the front of
the body heading down toward the bladder.

Best wishes
Hope this info has been of some help to you.

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