Question by rain21: HELP ME! I FEEL LIKE KILLING!!?
i was a child when the abuse started and no one cared about or loved me, both mom and dad beat me with various objects all my life every day of my life and no one helped me i have been burned , nearly drowned , shot in the shoulder, and stabbed by people who were supposed to love me . i have no brothers or sisters and soon no parents . they tortured me everyday of my life and now they put out of house and im homeless but now my heart is dark and cold and my eyes are brimming with hatred . SO I HAVE ONE QUESTION FOR ANYBODY WHO HAS SUFFERD BEFORE , WHY SHOULD I ALLOW ANY OF THOSE B*TCHES TO KEEP LIVING . I WANT TO SENT THEM ALL TO THE BOWELS OF HELL!

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The one place in the world where the U.S. Congress is loved: Europe

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Union bosses threaten Hurricane Sandy cleanup contractors, their families · Suspension won't be removed for five-year-old grilled over cap gun who then peed his pants · 'Snowden is not the problem,' Palin says · Lil Wayne steps on American flag [VIDEO] …
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Effective Rx thwarted for deadly opiate epidemic

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"This report will show how we could be saving lives and effectively treating the disease of addiction if state governments and insurance companies remove roadblocks to the use of effective, FDA-approved medications," said Stuart Gitlow, MD, President …
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Leading Experts in Parenting, Education and Medicine Partner to Launch Head

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Expert Advice on Lice aims to raise awareness of head lice as a common yet hard-to-treat problem that can benefit from expert advice and encourages moms to seek care from a healthcare professional. "There are common myths and misconceptions about …
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