Help Me I Violated Probation I Am a Minor. I Dont Know What to Do Will I Get Violation for Faild Test Thc Help

Question by Brad M: help me i violated probation i am a minor. i dont know what to do will i get violation for faild test thc help
i live in MA im 16 and i was put on probation 1yeah go 4a stolen bike. i violated probation for not doing all my community service. then before i went to court i got arrested for my ten year old friend lit a match and dropped it in the trash can. i was with him so i got charged with a misdmnr(willful burning of property under 25$ ) but i was arrested and sent to jail for 1 night. court next day my attorney said that i cud go to a 6 month treatment program so i went there also i went to a 21 day drug rehab. then and now im home i have court tuesday. i just failed a drug test for thc there was only a little bit thc in it. i told my PO that i was in a car with people who were smoking and i didnt know but it appeared there was not much in my system because i dilluted my urin . now i think i have 2 violation my parents lawyer are saying that i go to this other stupid treatment program for a year or i go to jail till im 18 is there any way to not go to either wat kind of lawyer do i need to d

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Answer by whitefangz1
Are you insane? You’re lucky you’re even being given a choice. You are a habitual offender and you’re only 16. They keep giving you a second chance and you keep blowing it. Most courts would go ahead and hand you over to Youth Authorities by now. Take the rehab deal and get your act together. Once you turn 18 and pull this crap they will not be so forgiving.

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