How Can Drug Abuse Ruin a Persons Life?

Question by Scotty B: How can drug abuse ruin a persons life?
Would this be a good explanation and explain why it would be.
Drug Abuse is of a drug or further substance for a non-medical use, with the mean of producing various type of ‘mind-altering’ outcome in the user. This includes together the use of illegitimately produced substances, and the mistreatment of legal drugs, in apply for which the material was not intended. Often this involves apply of the material in disproportionate quantities to construct pleasure, to alleviate stress, or to change or avoid reality without considering its ill effects.
Four Basic Stages of Alcohol and other Drug use are as follows:

Stage 1: Too many adults and youngsters suppose that the first use of alcohol and other drugs is harmless. For youths, using drugs such as tobacco and alcohol is frequently, unluckily, viewed as normal. However, because young bodies are predominantly vulnerable to alcohol and other drugs and their effects, there is no such obsession is totally”safe” use of any mind-altering medicine by a youngster. In stage one, however, there may be no obvious behavioral changes caused by the use of drugs.
Stage 2: The second phase involves more common use of alcohol or other drugs as the individual vigorously seeks the excited effects of a mind-altering drug. At this point, the user typically establishes a dependable source, and may mid-week use of alcohol or other drugs to preceding habits of week end use at parties. Among adolescents, noteworthy clues how contain changes in friends, worsening of school performance and probably a general lack of inspiration.
Stage 3: In phase three, there is powerful obsession with the yearning to experience excited effects. Every day use of mind-altering drugs, gloominess and thoughts of suicide are frequent. Family troubles raise and the adolescent may be having problems with the law.
Stage 4: In the fourth phase, rising levels are needed immediately to feel OK. Physical signs such as weight loss, coughing, fatigue and frequent sore throats- which may have initiated to emerge earlier are now general. Blackouts and overdosing also are more general, family life is a tragedy and crime may be becoming an approach of life to attain money to buy drugs.

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Drug use is an escape mechanism and impairs judgment to the point the drug use seems normal thus becoming a substitute for reality. You can use the sentence I wrote here as a summary if you want to.

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