How Can I Get Out of Depression?

Question by ~EMINEM~: how can I get out of depression?
I’ve been depressed for like 8 months, I started to be to lazy, sleep alot, cry for no reason, always in a bad mood, specially that these 8 months were so rough, because I’ve had a crush on a girl, when I asked her, she refused that made me cry and be angry for 2 weaks! I always want to be alone, and my Parents, hhhh, I don’t want to talk about them but they are half the problem… I started hating life, all my friends love me, I laugh and smile alot, they think that I’m okay, like what Eminem say: Marshal you’re so funny man you should be a comedian god damn, unfortunately I am, hiding under teers of a clown… please help me, I’m not what I used to be! My situation is getting bigger, I’m now f*cked up!!

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