How Can I Help or Chat With Drug Addicts Still Using on the Interent?

Question by Pooky143: How can i help or chat with drug addicts still using on the interent?
I am a drug addict with 2 years sober even tho i am sober i will always be an addict. But i was wondering if there was a way for me to help other using addicts maybe tell them my story and just talk with them. I have been there and know how it feels, i think with all my knowledge i have gained with my addiction and recovery i could help someone else. I was wodering if there was a way to do so on the internet?

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Is it time for you or a loved one to receive help for an addiction? Chat with an admissions counselor today: – by HealingCenterPB (The Healing Center)

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@allyrae_0201 hates my addiction to snap chat.
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RT @ChristianRLT: Is it time for you or a loved one to receive help for an addiction? Chat with an admissions counselor today:… – by JohnPoitevent (John Poitevent)