How Do I Convince My Parents to Let Me Model?

Question by Daphne: How do I convince my parents to let me model?
I am a 17 year old girl. I just completed high school and I am sure that I want to become a model.I fit all the physical requirements and am photogenic and I am mentally prepared for it. I speak 5 languages, I handle social situations well and I basically live for fashion. My parents however do not support the idea. At All. I want to participate in the Elite Model Look this year and I am not 18 so I will need their approval.

moreover, my Mom thinks that modelling is a ‘low( drug abuse, scams)’ and short lived profession. Without sounding conceited,just to make the picture clear, I think she knows I have the potential to stay in the business till I am in my forties but says it isn’t a respectable job.

How can I convince her that I can quit going to college and focus on my modelling career instead. I know its a tough business with tedious hours and lots of competition; I know that I will be rejected many times, regardless of how pretty or tall or graceful I might be. But I still stand a chance, because I am really hard-working and serious?This is what I wanted since I was 7.

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Answer by LALALALA!
I think you can tell them to be more supportive. And tell them that you can balance everything.. Lastly, PROVE that you wiill be something they will be proud of someday.

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