How Do People Get Prescribed Enough Narcotics to Get Addicted?

Question by dru boi: How do people get prescribed enough narcotics to get addicted?
I just noticed there are alot of people on here and in my life, whom have gotton hooked on narcotics ie. tylenol #3, vicodin, percocet, endocet, oxycodone, dilaudid, morphine, question is, how do these people get prescribed enough of these drugs to get addicted in the first place, any doctor should know that if you take X amount of X for X amount of time, then the patient will become addicted. And then when they get addicted, the doctor just keeps writing scripts.

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Answer by kevin
Addiction is different for different people. Some people get addicted more quickly than others. The doctor will perscribe the required medication for the particular ailment.

Also most addicts will not say they are addicts to their doctors. I believe they cannot perscribe medication to addicts…but don’t quote me on that.

It is more of the fault of the addict than it is the doctor. He/she gives the tools to make you better….It what the patient does with those tools that is more of the issue

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