How Do You Fight a Parole Officer Who Wants to Put a Mother in Jail Who Needs Chemical Dependency Treatment?

Question by So Wild: How do you fight a parole officer who wants to put a mother in jail who needs chemical dependency treatment?
This is in Ramsey County Minnesota. The mother has no violent crime history, and is a felon due to the fact that there was crystal meth in her car when they arrested her for shoplifiting some chicken salad from a grocery store. She has horrible ADD, like I have never seen or heard of, truly, she can’t recall or focus on ANYTHING. Anyhow, she needs a good long treatment, not to be thrown into a population of other felons, which is totally proven to not help her in any way as far as I have ever read or seen. The parole officer is an angry-seeming bloke who is hell-bent on putting her behind bars. She is an IV drug user as of a few months ago, having moved it up from smoking meth for years past. What is goofy is that he wants her in jail first, then treatment. HELP

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Answer by Chase
Well she shouldnt shoplift and she shouldnt have crystal meth. Its not the parole officers fault she did something stupid. If you cant do the time, dont do the crime, end of f*cking story.

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