How Is Custody Determined When Social Services Takes the Kids?

Question by serena_dee: How is custody determined when social services takes the kids?
A woman I know of is most likely going to lose her kids due to abuse. Kentucky social services is talking about giving “indefinate” custody to one of the kids’ (divorced) grandparents or other relatives like an aunt or uncle.

How will they determine who will get the children? Living conditions, location (as in how close to the mother), financial stability, etc? Can an unmarried, heterosexual, financially stable couple ask for custody? How much will small-town politics help someone who doesn’t deserve the kids gain custody? If custody is granted to someone and they move in with the mother, will social services re-take the kids?

**Anything** you can tell me related to the above would be appreciated, especially if you can provide links.

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Answer by BR
The social services folks try to keep the children in the family, if practical. They look to the best interests of the children first.

Ultimately, a family court judge will make the decision.

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