How Much Do Taxpayers Pay as a Consequence of Illegal Drugs?

Question by Suzianne: How much do taxpayers pay as a consequence of illegal drugs?
Is there a source for statistics on the cost of drug abuse prevention campaigns, tax payer funded medical expenses due to drug abuse, drug-related law enforcement, and the prosecution and incarceration of drug users and traffickers in the United States?

(What impact do drugs have on our national economy?)

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Answer by John
We as AMERICANS, can’t stop the drug trade, in this cat and mouse game played at the MEX. border. The rule of any trade is supply and demand, oil is a great example in obama time last three years. If we didn’t generate the demand,there would not be a supply. Read about prohibition, and the millions it took to stop it, stop it hell they re-legalized it.
Laws to try to enforce morality dope and prostitution don’t work, haven’t worked and never will. The legalizing of both, control or both, tax from both. Control of venereal decease, control the use of dirty needles, keep track of, don’t try to stop.
We spend about as much as they make, don’t like it but if we became the supply factor, controled and taxed like booze.Amsterdam has had booth for years,still a clean country to visit.

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