How to Become an Addiction Counselor With Prior Felony?

Question by ?grundle goat?: How to Become an Addiction Counselor with prior Felony?
my girlfriend was convicted for possession of meth 7 years ago. she did some time in prison and finished a 2 year treatment program for substance abuse. she has been clean and sober now over 6 years and currently works as a residential technician at a treatment facility. she very much wants to go back to school and become a certified counselor specializing in addiction issues. she has turned her life completely around and wants to invest all of her time and knowledge into helping other addicts find recovery. what are the steps she should take to become a drug and alcohol counselor? is there a specific course outline to become one?
thanks in advance.

there is no need for negative comments concerning her past. i just want to be able to help her get into school to pursue what she calls her ‘mission in life’ to help other addicts.

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Answer by BR
My wife is a psychotherapist and she said she doesn’t know of any way to do what you have described, short of having her criminal record expunged by a court. However, it may depend on where you live. Each state has its own laws regarding…….well, nearly everything. In my state (Arkansas), a felonious past is a dead-end for someone wishing to become a therapist or many other professions like mine (teaching). Your best bet would probably be to ask a local attorney where to find the relevant statutes regarding this, or find the contact information of the state psychology licensing board and ask them. I’m sure this question has been asked before. Maybe there are alternatives that have less stringent acceptance rules. (Maybe social work professions? IDK)

I’m happy that your friend has changed her life and is now trying to help others. That is very admirable. However, this might be an example of where she will still have to “pay” for past mistakes. Some bad choices have a way of sticking around for a lifetime. Good luck.

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