How to Solve My Gambling Addiction?

Question by Dr.Majidi: How to solve my gambling addiction?
I think I have gambling addiction. Last week I was in Vegas and I asked my brothers to wire me $ 25,000 to my account to pay off my home mortgage (obvious lie) and I spent it all in one week. What should I do?! I think I’m addicted to gambling.

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Answer by Jack
well maybe you could play computer poker games you would not be beting and it would be basicly the same otherwise it’s like drugs its up to you to say no!no more!

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Well, one innovation will help to reassure customers: there is now a ticket checker in each outlet. Although some people may have reservations about gambling and the possibility of addiction, the CEO is convinced that the main threat comes from illegal …
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What if Twitter or social media sites were around when John Rocker said his racial remarks or when Michael Jordan battled his gambling addiction? How would the Twittersphere react to O.J. Simpson's highway chase or Pete Rose betting on baseball?
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