How to Write to a Company to Get Some Services for Free?

Question by Nutty Nut: How to write to a company to get some services for free?
I am a volunteer for a non profit drug rehab home that just started as of the first of this month. But, poor planning on the part of the owners they didn’t figure in how they would get food, medical services, or other things. I am not a PR person. I volunteer to do odd office jobs. How would I go about seeking services or food from companies? All help would be great.Thanks
Template where? They don’t even have a computer. It is almost like they snapped their fingers and this appeared. They don’t live onsite.

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Answer by MzLeen
There should be template for this somewhere. Ask them to sponsor the program or to make a donation. But the key is to state you case in a short period of time. What this organization does, the benefits of it, and what you need to make it work.

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