How U Will Persuade Somebody to Go for a Treatment?

Question by softheart: how u will persuade somebody to go for a treatment?
If u know somebody and ur close with that u feel is suffering from addiction and mood disorder. Are there any ways to get them to go for help or treatment.

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im addicted to the show intervention on a/e
and ill be the first to admit i used pot and cocaine. i actually got real deep into cocaine. i did 90 days in jail and 5 years probation for a cocaine related charge. so, my opinion comes from both experience, and education from that show. the most important thing to helping any addict is love and support. not from 1 person but from many. the love and support cant come unconditionally though. there has to be expectations from the addict or else”…”
if treatment is an option for you to offer then great! if not 90 days in the slammer did me just fine. either way sobriety is a must and then alot of support. enabling is easy to do and the most harmful thing someone can do for an addict. as hard as it may be to do, lock them up! force them to get their head straight, in the long run theyll appreciate it. i was narcked on and deep down he saved my life, as well as covered his tail. id recommend getting as many loved ones together at once, write a letter to the addict (emotions will stir and memory will fade in the moment) and everyone share their memories of how it used to be. give an ultimatum, “rehab or…” each think of something they can take away from the addict that will make it harder to live the dead end life they are living now. take away any sort of pampering. its a bit of a poker game at this point. you are all calling the addicts bluff. give them no other choice but to get help. they wont choose on their own as long as the addiction is in their blood. bring in a professional interventionist if need be. this works with every addiction, gambling, shopping, eating, etc. but no matter what dont take no for an answer, you all will have helped sign their death warrant. they need each of you more than ever and thank god they have you. good luck!
i dont completely agree with the next response you got. yes rock bottom is necessary, but thats what you are all creating. some people hit rock bottom in a mortuary. that ex addict got lucky as did i. you dont want to gamble with luck. intervention works, rehab can work, but ultimately the addict has to decide within themselves, while sober for some time that they dont want to go back, or else they will. therefore there is a need for affection and encouragement following rehab or incarceration. addiction is never 100% gone. following rehabilitation a change of crowd is huge! temptation will get an addict a year or even 5 down the road, and it takes that 1 time. it can and will be exhausting for a true friend, but you’ll never be forgotten and you will have a true friend forever.
a female will get high till she dies even on the streets just with the tool of her body. a man will steal or flip drugs to maintain his habit and that could involve being killed, dying from overdose, or if you are lucky jail. im telling you my rock bottom was jail for 90 days and to each his own. rehab isnt quite jail but being confined in any place isnt exactly heaven.

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