How Will I Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Skowhegan, Maine?

Question by beth e: How will I find addiction treatment centers in Skowhegan, Maine?
I need to get a lot of information regarding various addictions (such as alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, gambling) and I want to get the info directly from the persons who are experiencing these addictions. That’s why I would like to find addiction treatment centers. Can somebody help me with this?

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Answer by abbie f
It’s pretty easy to find addiction treatment centers. The links that I have included below can help you. I don’t think that you can interview the patients, though. Addiction treatment centers can be really strict when it comes to the privacy of the patients. You might have to settle for interviewing the therapists and counselors. You can also get a lot of information from the Internet or join a forum that happens to be a support network for once-addicts or those who are addicts.

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