How Will I Get to Find Drug Rehabs in Post, Texas?

Question by aja 3xs: How will I get to find drug rehabs in Post, Texas?
My dad left us with nary a goodbye. We just woke up one day and he was gone, along with a lot of his belongings. I know my parents fight, but I didn’t know that it was that bad. Since then, my mom has taken to smoking heroin. I really want to help her by getting herself treated. I already talked to her and she already agreed. How will I find drug rehabs for her?

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Answer by aisling ta
It would be good if you can take your mom to a hospital. At least then a doctor will get to check up on her and assess her current situation. He will then tell you which drug rehabs will be able to take good care of your mom. The links below will help you find drug rehabs too. Just inquire about their treatment methods and pick the one you think will be best for your mother. Just keep on being there for her. I’m sure your support will really make so much difference.

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