How Would You Defend the Death Penalty or Do You Think Its Indefensible? Explain.?

Question by soybeansauce06: How would you defend the death penalty or do you think its indefensible? Explain.?
In his dissent in Gregg v. Georgia, Justice Brennan argues against the death penalty, calling it “official murder.” What is the basis for his conclusion? How would Kant respond to Brennan’s argument?

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Answer by wizjp
There are some incredibly evil beings out there who are committing the most horrible crimes imaginable against the weakest and least of us. A just society demands that the only true justice for these acts is a forfeit of their own lives; and nothing less can really be called justice.
Anyone who could rape a child and then bury her alive, crying and dying in a box in the ground, crying for her mother and not understanding any of it to give himself a better chance to get away with it deserves the full penalty of the legal system.

Executed the wrong person? Has not been one case proven in modern judicial history that it has happened. Thus a long and exhausting appeals system. And I don’t say execute everyone. But it has a place in our system.

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