I Need Some Help on Writing a Speech on Teen Drug Abuse.?

Question by youaremysweetestdownfall: I need some help on writing a speech on teen drug abuse.?
Im not great at writing speeches and horrible in front of crowds.
I need some tips,if possible, about how to write a speech on teen drug abuse.
maybe some facts on teen drug abuse IN CANADA.

thanks guys!

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Answer by CC
Speechwriting isn’t all that hard. The first thing you need to do is research. Once you get all the facts in front of you, then choose what you want to talk about. You obviously can’t cover everything on such a huge topic, so pick what to you are the highlights.

It might be how young kids are now when they start. Or that they’ve progressed from relatively innocuous drugs (like marijuana) to the really dangerous stuff. Or how easy it is for them to get hold of illegal substances. Or how hard it is to turn kids’ lives around once they start using.

So: in your first sentence, tell your audience what you’re going to talk about. Then back it up with statistics and examples.

Then, if you have a hopeful conclusion, present it: that the problem may look dire, but if we do X,Y and Z [solutions], we should be able to decrease the numbers of Canadian youth using illegal substances.

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