If Cps Is Called on a Sunday, Will They Respond on Monday?

Question by none: If cps is called on a sunday, will they respond on monday?
Cps is not open on weekends, so as an alternative you can file a report to child abuse hotline. which i did, and they said they will file it with Cps. Does anyone know if cps will get the kids on monday or will it take longer?

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Answer by Dorian
When CPS responds will depend on what type of abuse or neglect you are reporting and the ages of the child. They base the response time on the risk (ie a shaken baby is a HUGE risk whereas a 10 year old home alone is not). Here in California there are three response times – 24 hours, 5 business days and 10 calendar days. So when they respond will depend on what risk level they assess the allegations to be.

Also, they will not just go and ‘get the kids.’ They will begin an investigation. An investigation period is 30 days. The investigation includes talking to the reporting party (if you left your name/contact information) the child (if old enough to give a statement), the parents, teachers, neighbors, collateral contacts (grandparents, family friends, etc) and then they compile all the information. In order to remove a child they have to have proof of abuse or neglect which meets the specific penal code definition for the type of abuse (physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect). If they feel the child is in danger they will right up a report and take it to their attorneys and if approved there will be a detention hearing, in which the parents will be assigned attorneys and an attorney will be assigned to the child. There the judge will rule if there is enough evidence to take the child into custody.

There are exceptions in which a child is removed without going before a judge first but those are the most serious and life threatening situations…usually involving sexual abuse where the accused will not move out of the home during the investigation and will have ongoing access to the child, physical abuse where the child has serious marks/injuries and this also depends on the age of the child, a baby born positive for drugs (usually methamphetamine), an infant with serious burns/broken bones/shaken baby, etc. Basically to remove a child without a court hearing first means that CPS feels the child is in eminent danger of serious harm/death if they leave the child in the home. And when that removal happens, the court hearing has to occur during 72 hours (3 business days).

I hope this answered some of your questions.

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