I’m a Thief, Can Anyone Tell Me Where I Can Get Some Rehab?

Question by magician668: I’m A Thief, Can Anyone Tell Me Where I can Get Some Rehab?
I noticed a while back that I have a problem with stealing. I guess it’s the rush I get when I do it. I convince myself I need (or want something) so bad that I have to steal it. I want to get some rehab help, here in North Carolina, but the only things I can find are Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers. Where do I find some help?

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Answer by ROMNEY2012
not sure about rehab, but u might be able to get a job with the obama administration

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The News & Observer of Raleigh published this editorial last week. North Carolina farms out most treatment for drug and alcohol abuse to private centers that help people with a combination of contributions and federal and state money. No one pretends …
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“After both previous emergencies were under control,” the nurse later wrote, “I went to the front entrance of the hospital and found the IV drug user patient almost outside. I needed to …. “[F]ull compliance of staff,” reads another July 11 report …
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