In Texas, at What Point During a Pregnancy Does the Doctor Perform the Mandatory Drug Test?

Question by hvnlyblnde: In Texas, at what point during a pregnancy does the doctor perform the mandatory drug test?
I quit smoking weed when I found out I was pregnant, but I know drug tests are mandatory here and a failure is required to be reported to CPS, who show up at the hospital when the baby is born and revoke custody pending 3 months rehab. I haven’t touched weed since the day I found out, but my doctor takes a urine sample every time, and I’m worried about the first and possibly second visits to him where I submitted urine. I think they do the drug test later in the pregnancy and the last tests were just UA’s but I would like to be sure.

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Answer by ArmyWife_SAHM
I am not sure how Texas works…never heard of it and lived in Texas myself. In all honesty you should never be consuming drugs whether you are pregnant or not.

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