Interesting Statistics on Vicodin?

Question by S Nick: Interesting statistics on vicodin?
I need five interesting statistics on Vicodin (or vicodin use) for school. If anyone could find any, it’d help me out a lot. Thanks.

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Answer by the 411 on life.
i a tenured doctor at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. i am also the the Department of Diagnostic Medicine so i think i can tell you a bit about vicodin….

not to many years ago my right leg was severly damaged and i suffered from idiosyncratic infarction it went undiagnosed for two days and This missed diagnosis by hmy doctors caused muscle death in my quadricep. and for my pain i was taking vicodin.

vicodin… a narcotic painkiller. it takes all the pain away. i was able to walk around without the use of a cane when i am on it. but i became very addicted to it and was put in a mental institute when i went through withdrawls from not taking it. now that i am off of it i have to find hobbies to support it. cooking.. no, to easy for sex jokes. laundry? hell no wilson wont stop hasseling me not touching his shirts. medical practice is the only thing that keeps me of vicodin and painless. but the distraction of cuddy’s breasts makes it oh so easy to get distracted.

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