Is Drug Addiction a Problem in the Philippines?

Question by shirley p: is drug addiction a problem in the philippines?
do you have any basis that drug addiction is really a problem in the philippines

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Answer by asen

for suffering addicts

no place on earth that is untouched by this deadly menace
if u can be more specific …

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ABS-CBN SALAMAT DOK: Health Tips 4 (Teenage Drug Abuse) – Payo Sa Batang Addict (Teenage Drug Addiction) (Tips from Doctors Willie and Liza Ong of ABS-CBN’s Salamat Dok) Laganap ang droga sa ating bansa. Sari-saring…


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Public education is twice as expensive as private education, and everyone has to be pay for it, whether or not they use it, said Pullmann. “Everyone is invested in our public education system, whether we send our kids to public schools or not,” she wrote.
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