Is It Easier to Become an Addict With Heroin Than It Is With Alcohol – or Are They Both the Same?

Question by Eddy J: Is it easier to become an addict with Heroin than it is with Alcohol – or are they both the same?
I’m just trying to figure out why Alcohol is not banned but Heroin is. Many people can handle drinking alcohol on a regular basis without abusing it, but I’ve never heard of or seen someone who takes Heroin be able to manage it on a regular basis without becoming an addict very quickly.

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Answer by Jody
They are not the same. You cannot make an alcoholic a heroin addict, and you cannot make a heroin addict into an alcoholic. A

lcoholism is a primary disease, it is progressive, irreversible and fatal. It has a defined set of symptoms, runs a predictable course, and is incurable. It is a disease of the mind, body and spirit.

You could force-feed the same amount of alcohol to two different people over a long period of time, since the substance alcohol is addictive to the human body, both individuals would become addicted to it. One might become an alcoholic, the other might not – removing the alcohol would prove both go through physical withdrawal. To show the alcoholic metabolism from the “normal” metabolism, all you need to do is give each person a drink of alcohol after thorough detox. The alcoholic will still be addicted, and will have developed a tolerance level, the normal drinker will not.

Heroin is the most addictive drug on the market and the most difficult to stay clean from once addicted to it. It is the devil incarnate Very few heroin addicts get clean and stay clean longer than a year. Most relapse within days of leaving treatment. Statistics are heartbreaking with heroin.

Most people who drink do so in moderation and never become addicted to it. Most people who try heroin are addicted from the first or second use.

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