Is It Ever Too Late to Get a Person Help With Drug Addiction?

Question by Stephanie: Is it ever too late to get a person help with drug addiction?
I’m just curious to see what everyone thinks…

My uncle is in his late 50’s and he has been an addict for several years. He seems to have severe psychological problems due to his constant use of crack cocaine. His siblings, who are known to be uneducated about the effects of drug abuse, claim that he is “too far gone.” They don’t believe that anything would be able to help him… Basically, they are giving up. I can see that he is showing signs of chronic paranoia and schizophrenia, but is it ever too late to get a person help with an addiction?

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Answer by Ginny Jin
If he is unhappy, unable to function on any level but agrees for you to intervene and get help great
If he is happy the way he is, don’t bother.

I was an alcoholic (until age 38) and glad people intervened.

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