Is the Us So Weak We Can Not Stop the Drug Trade From South America?

Question by big win: is the us so weak we can not stop the drug trade from south america?
allow me to help the not so deep. without drugs in america our economy would collapse. rehabs , prisons and jails would b empty. people of color may have a chance in life. i met a dea agent in atlanta and he told me the gov wants blacks to destroy themselves. think of all the jobs created by drugs. our gov is the biggest pimp drug dealer.i lived on both sides of the fence. born and raisede in glens falls ny hometown usa. now living in the city limits of detroit . apples to oranges.people who understand please help me understand.? if u r on the outside looking in please no comment

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Answer by ServantofGod
oh please America ownes and operates over half of the drugs that are grown in the outside of the US.

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