Is There a Good Drug Rehab Here in Rockland, Maine?

Question by abigail lp: Is there a good drug rehab here in Rockland, Maine?
My sister is a party goer. Last year, she attended this party at her college and was offered ecstasy. She got hooked on it since then. My dad is working in New York and he will be coming home in a few months. I want her to be clean before my dad arrives.

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Answer by alliyah ld
Yeah, ecstasy is commonly abused by the younger crowd because it is readily available. Definitely, there are drug rehabs in your area. Try to search on the Internet and you can find so many rehabilitation centers around Maine. If you want to get some help and information, you can call the free 24-hour addiction helpline. You can find the phone number on the link below. But it is best if you inform your dad first about your sister’s addiction problem. As a parent, he has the right to know. You can both help your sister and support her recovery.

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