Is There a Support Group for Families Who Have a Member Addicted to World of Warcraft?

Question by Susanne W: Is there a support group for families who have a member addicted to World of Warcraft?
My daughter (20) has an addiction to the online game called, “World of Warcraft”. She rarely leaves her room, has no friends, no motivation to go to school or work, and is depressed. I realize that the game is not the core problem, but I am unable to think of a solution to get her to live any kind of life. Is there a support group anyone can recommend that I contact. I need to talk to others and see what they have done to help with this problem.

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Answer by MMXMichael
Try the support group with the link below – It’s a video game addiction support group – maybe they can lead you in the right direction

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Advice For Families Dealing With Addiction – KLEAN Treatment | Josie Feldman – KLEAN Treatment Primary therapist Josie Feldman discusses getting treatment at KLEAN. For more info on KLEAN go to


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