Is There Any Good Book on How to Overcome an Internet Addiction?

Question by Tom: Is there any good book on how to overcome an Internet addiction?
Before you make assumptions, no, I’m not addicted to porn. However, I do watch a lot of Youtube videos. Not random videos like cat videos. But stuff that I actually find interesting. But it came to the point where I have to watch some videos on Youtube everyday, otherwise, I don’t feel very good. It’s like an escape for me from all the problems of my life. But this computer/Internet addiction has affected be very badly. I’m doing very poorly in college and losing all my motivation towards studies.

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Answer by C Wood
Colleges have counselors. Ask your counselor for recommendations of books. You might even benefit from going for some counselling.

You can also talk to a family psychologist or an educational psychologist. Finding what you are running from and facing it have great potential for helping you overcome your dependency and use of the comptuer to run from your problems.

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