Marijuana and Addiction? Harmless or Not?

Question by Giselle: Marijuana and addiction? Harmless or not?
I know someone who is 34 years old. He recently ended a longterm relationship with a dear friend who has a 2 year old son by him. The two were together for nearly a decade. She quit smoking marijuana when she got pregnant, went back to college and was trying to encourage him to quit as well since she thought it would benefit the family. He refused, said he was tired of her not accepting him for who he is and ended their relationship. One of his primary reasons was he “didn’t want to change his lifestyle”.

He is 34 years old, never did get his diploma because he says he was failed because of absences, but never went back to get his GED. He sells cars and even thought he car business is going down hill he doesn’t go to get his GED. He only looks for work that doesn’t require drug-testing because he doesn’t want to stop smoking pot.

He grows his own (illegal) which was an issue after my friends baby arrived. He smokes every evening for the most part and considers that to be “recreational”.

He’s had addiction issues in the past. Gambling, briefly, until he lost all of his money once and was able to quit on his own. Then he did Meth for a while “recreationally” until his ex said that she wouldn’t date him if he continued. So he stopped that on his own.

I wonder if pot is an issue. He says it’s not a big deal, but while most people have moved past it he’s not. He holds down a job and is very social and outgoing. I just wonder if he has a problem or if pot doesn’t affect one that much??

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Answer by Wesley
One can become psychologically dependent on marijuana. It’s possible that this person is. However, to me, it seems this person has more problems with ambition and motivaion.

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